the barn canggu is where to watch football in canggu

Where to Watch Football in Canggu: Best Gastropubs and Sports Bars!

Are you looking for the perfect spot for Where to Watch Football in Canggu? Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just want to enjoy the excitement of the game with friends, finding the right venue is key. With the recent World Cup stirring up a frenzy of interest, it’s more important than ever to know where to go for the best viewing experience. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll take you through the most popular and comfortable spots to watch football in Canggu, so you can be sure not to miss a moment of the action. If you’ve just arrived in Bali and are wondering about How Long to Stay in Canggu or Where to Stay In Canggu, we’ve got you covered.

where to watch football in canggu

The Barn: Where to Watch Football in Canggu

One of the top recommendations for football viewing in Canggu is The Barn, a modern British gastropub with a touch of class. The Barn offers delicious and comforting English staples on the menu, such as their famous Sunday roast. The Barn also is one of the few places on the island where you can enjoy a true 568ml pint of beer, alongside an extensive selection of draft beers and wines at reasonable prices. With 5 huge TV screens around the venue, and one huge 120” project, you won’t miss a moment of the action during major sporting events. The comfortable seating, booths surrounding the central area, and well-decorated garden area and gazebo for smoking provide a classic English vibe that will make you feel right at home.

the barn canggu is where to watch football in canggu

Apart from showing live sports events, The Barn also hosts music events, live performances, game nights, and other fun activities. They also have a great selection of classic pub grub and comfort food, including fish and chips, burgers, and hearty sandwiches. Chef Phillip Mowforth, ensures that all the dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and a high level of skill.

In addition to the main bar and dining area, The Barn also has a cozy upstairs lounge that’s perfect for private events and parties. The decor is rustic yet chic, with vintage-inspired furnishings and dark wood paneling. Whether you’re a sports fan, a foodie, or just looking for a fun night out in Canggu, The Barn is definitely worth a visit.

If you want more some competition, there is also a pool table and shuffleboard to keep children and big children entertained too.

Check the daily deals posted on their Instagram or view the menu on their website.

Address: Jl. Lkr. Nelayan, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara

The Bench: Where to Watch Football in Canggu

The Bench is undoubtedly one of the top sports bars in Canggu, and it is a must-visit spot for anyone who loves watching football or any other sport. Whether it’s basketball, boxing, rugby, or any other sport, The Bench has got you covered. They have a weekly sports schedule that you can check on their social media, so you can plan ahead and not miss any of the action. It’s worth noting that The Bench can get quite crowded during big events, so it’s best to arrive early and reserve your seat.

But it’s not just the sports that make The Bench a great spot to watch a match. They also have an impressive drink menu, featuring everything from cocktails to beer, wine, and seltzers. And if you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, they have a menu for that too. The food at The Bench is also worth mentioning, with a range of Southern/Mexican and burger-style dishes that are perfect for sharing on large occasions. And if you’re in the mood for a game of pool, there’s a table in the back area that you can enjoy while waiting for the match to start.

Located on Jalan Batu Balong, close to Echo Beach, The Bench is an excellent choice for sports fans in Canggu. With screens all around, you won’t miss a moment of the action. So, grab your friends and head to The Bench for an unforgettable sporting experience in Canggu.

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.99, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara

the bench canggu for where to watch football in canggu

Faraway Sports Bar & Grill

Faraway Sports Bar & Grill is a hidden gem among the sports bars in Canggu. Despite not being widely talked about, this bar offers a complete schedule of sports matches for viewers to enjoy. Their Instagram page is frequently updated with the latest schedule of games and events, so you can always stay up to date with your favourite teams.

The bar offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, with a rustic decor featuring bamboo surroundings. It’s the perfect spot for those who prefer a not-too-crowded place to watch their favourite sporting events. Faraway Sports Bar & Grill has four TV screens where you can catch all the action while enjoying their delicious grilled chicken and a range of drinks.

What sets this bar apart from the others is the tattoo studio located at the back of the bar. It adds to the unique and alternative vibe of the place, making it an interesting spot to hang out in. Additionally, Faraway Sports Bar & Grill is known for hosting live music and karaoke nights, which makes it a great choice for those looking for some post-game entertainment.

Located on Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan in Canggu, Faraway Sports Bar & Grill is a must-visit spot for sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favourite games in a laid-back and friendly environment.

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara

faraway bar for where to watch football in canggu

Canggu offers a variety of options for sports fans looking to catch their favourite games while enjoying a cold drink and some delicious food. Whether you’re looking for a more upscale British gastropub vibe, a lively and crowded sports bar, or a laid-back spot with a homey atmosphere, there’s something for everyone. The Barn, The Bench, and Faraway Sports Bar & Grill are just a few of the top picks for where to watch football in Canggu. So grab your friends, order some food and drinks, and cheer on your favourite team in style at one of these popular spots. If you’re looking for some transpation to get around to these locations, have a look at our Scooter & Car Rentals Marketplace, and if pubs arn’t you fit for the food, you can check our comprehensive Where to Eat In Canggu Article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to Watch Football in Seminyak?

The best option to watching football in Seminyak is The Social. The Forge will also show it, but often without sound,

Where Can I Watch Football in Bali?

Bali best places to watch football are The Barn & The Social if you are along the south coast.

Best Sports Bar in Bali?

There are many good sports bar in Bali, but our favourite three are The Social, The Barn and The Forge.

What TV Channel is Football On in Bali?

In Bali Football will be available to stream via Video or Mola-Mola Channels, both provide an app for streaming and casting also.

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