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How Long to Stay in Seminyak: Backpacking vs Luxury and Relaxation

Do you feel excited to go to Bali but nervous at the same time because this is your first time visiting Bali? Read on! I will give you the best advice! Bali has many areas, for example there are Ubud, Canggu, and Seminyak. In this article, I will give you a guide on how long to stay in Seminyak and some places that’s worth visiting! Check this guide about which one to travel first: Canggu or Seminyak

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How Long to Stay in Seminyak: How long do I Need? 

How Long to Stay in Seminyak? The quick answer is 3 days up to 7 days. Seminyak is the best for its beaches, the hotels, nightlife, the spa, and shopping places. If you are interested in hopping around and getting as much sight seeing around the island as possible then you should probably only stay on the lower side of the range. We would only recommend three days for these types of travellers.

However if you are wanting to spend a bit more time and be located near an area which is well connected to all types of different activities, nightlife, shopping and more. Then Seminyak will probably be a great fit for you and you could spend up to 7 days here. The hotels are very highly rated, and it is a great area to use as a base whilst exploring other areas for day trips and weekends.

Seminyak Area Guide: Where to Stay?

Seminyak sits in between Legian (south of Seminyak) and Canggu (north of Seminyak). Here is a quick guide to the Seminyak area to help you decide which area of ​​Seminyak is best for you. We have a full Seminyak Nightlife Guide, so be sure to check that out if you want a more in-depth exploration of what is available for evenings.

Below we will offer a brief overview of the Area, but if you would like a more in depth review of Where to Stay in Seminyak, we have a full article on that topic also.

Map of Seminyak for how long to stay in seminyak

Petitenget is an area north of Seminyak with some excellent restaurants and boutiques. This is the area where Potato Head Beach Club and hotels such as Alila Seminyak and W Hotels are located.

Jalan Kayu Ayu, also known as Laksmana, is one of Seminyak’s main streets lined with restaurants and boutiques. It’s more inland and not very close to the beach. If shopping is your priority, this is one of the best areas to stay in Seminyak. It also hosts some of the more known nightlife venues such as La Favela & Motel Mexicola.

The southern area of ​​Seminyak borders Legian and is located around La Plancha Beach Bar and Double Six Beach. As you can imagine, this area has more of a Legian feel than the rest of Seminyak, which isn’t a bad thing, just different. – Mostly centered around Spas, Hotels and Shopping.

The areas along the beach may not be close to the main shops and restaurants in some locations, but they are clearly the easiest places to get to the beach. Petitenget is a great area to stay in Seminyak if you want to stay close to the beach, shops and restaurants. We also recommend Petitenget Beach area, as this is very well connected to great bars, restaurants and other nightlife venues. This area has some of Bali’s top hotels, such as Potato Head, the W hotel and Alila.

Where to Book Hotels in Seminyak

1. Booking.com

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Booking is one of the best Go-To’s for stays around Bali and has some of the best deals for people looking for Hotels and Retreats. Definitely a good tool to use to find the best deal when looking for a stay.

2. Airbnb

This can vary on how good the deals are, but if you have the preference to book a full entire villa or apartment for yourself. We recommend checking out Airbnb. This has the largest selection for Villa rentals around Bali, but the deals can vary in price so its important to first get an understand of the average rates.

3. Bali Link

Bali Link! We also have a Villa and Rental Marketplace on our website here. We cater to all types of accomodations, and for the best deals without any additional fees. You can contact vendors direction from our Marketplace. So it is a good idea to check what is available daily, especially if you are looking for longer stays going over 7 days.

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In conclusion, if you’re wondering how long to stay in Seminyak, the answer is that it really depends on your personal preferences and what you want to do while you’re there. Seminyak has a variety of accommodation options, from luxurious villas to budget-friendly hotels. You can easily book your stay online through various platforms, such as booking.com or Airbnb and Us!.

There are plenty of things to see and do, including visiting the beautiful beaches, exploring the local markets, and indulging in the delicious food scene. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Potato Head Beach Club or enjoy a sunset cocktail at Ku De Ta.

One thing is for sure, Seminyak remains a must-visit destination in Bali, and we hope your enjoy your time there!

Check out the rest of our Blog for more tips and guides to best plan your Bali stay.

Where is the best place to stay in Seminyak?

The most popular area to stay in Seminyak Kayu Aya. We also highly recommend Pentitenget location just north of Seminyak

Is it easy to walk around Seminyak?

Seminyak is one of the most walkable areas of Bali. However we still recommend other modes of transport such as Grab if you would like to leave the local areas / roads and venture a little further out.

Is Seminyak a good place to Stay?

Seminyak is a very well located area. it is central Badung. Seminyak is Bordering Kuta and Berawa Canggu. All areas are easily accessible from here via Scooter or Gojek.

What should you not miss in Seminyak?

Potato Head and Ku De Ta are favourites in the area for Beach Clubs. We also recommend a lunch at Batik in Kayu Aya. ShiShi ikazaya lounge has a great buffet all you can eat and drink, it is very busy so we recommend booking this well in advance.

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