SAY LESS Party in Mesa Bali, for where to party in Canggu

Where to Party in Canggu: Weekly Events Guide

Where to Party in Canggu has evolved into one of Bali’s largest and most developed destinations, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Transforming into a cosmopolitan oasis, Canggu’s rapid development has led to a diverse community, with locals from Indonesia, expatriates, and holidaymakers from around the globe converging here. For people trying to escape this busy area for a day or weekend of peace should read our Canggu Day Trips article. This cultural blend creates a unique atmosphere, seamlessly blending the digital nomad lifestyle, a globally renowned party scene, and world-famous surfing breaks. Over time, Canggu has emerged as a vibrant fashion and lifestyle hotspot in Bali, drawing those seeking a dynamic and enriching experience. For those sports fan’s who want to compliment their nightlife with any large international sporting events, you can find a host of venues in our Where to Watch Football in Canggu guide.

Where to Party in Canggu: Monday

Luigi’s – Metto Mondays

Luigi’s, in collaboration with PNNY, dominates Canggu’s nightlife scene every Monday with its iconic event, Metto Mondays. This staple gathering holds its position as the go-to spot for Monday night revelry. The atmosphere here leans towards a lively pop and house vibe, with a strong emphasis on singalong and house music enthusiasts. The crowd predominantly consists of Australians and backpackers, creating a vibrant international ambiance.

Queue for Luigi's Bali for Metto Monday, for where to party in Canggu

It’s advisable not to overdress for the occasion, given the rising heat levels in Luigi’s bustling party section. Keep in mind that this venue tends to close relatively early, prompting many partygoers to migrate to Sand Bar for an extended after-party experience.

Where to Party in Canggu: Tuesday

Miss Fish – She’s With Us, Mexicola

Tuesdays in Bali tend to be a bit less hectic, yet party enthusiasts can still discover the vibrant scene at Miss Fish, offering a more sophisticated and house-oriented style of celebration complete with table service. The crowd at MissFish often skews towards a mix of Russians and influencers, creating an elegant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Miss fish party , for where to party in Canggu

Alternatively, in the heart of the Batu Balong area, revelers can disperse among iconic venues like Mexicola and Old Mans. As the night progresses, Sand Bar becomes a popular choice for those seeking to extend the festivities, especially catering to the backpacker crowd. The diversity in offerings ensures that Tuesday nights in Canggu cater to various tastes and preferences.

old mans party, for where to party in Canggu

Where to Party in Canggu: Wednesday

Old Mans, Mejan, Vault

Wednesdays mark a pivotal moment in Bali’s nightlife, drawing crowds to a diverse array of venues as the attention of expats and holidaymakers alike shifts to the vibrant nocturnal scene. The top destinations on these midweek evenings include:

Vault: Afrobeats and Amapanio Vault stands out as a must-visit spot on Wednesdays, hosting electrifying Afrobeats and the Amapanio Event. The vibrant atmosphere, great sound system and light show make Vault a go-to venue for those seeking a lively midweek celebration.

vault party , for where to party in Canggu

Mejan: Electronic and Techno For enthusiasts of electronic and techno beats, Mejan takes the spotlight, offering a focused and immersive experience. The venue caters to those with a penchant for cutting-edge sounds, providing a unique electronic ambiance on Wednesdays.

Old Mans: Nestled in the beachside haven of Batu Balong, Old Mans remains a Wednesday night favourite, consistently drawing the largest crowd. Its enduring popularity speaks volumes, making it a go-to destination for a diverse audience looking to revel in the middle of the week.

old man party two , for where to party in Canggu

This variety of offerings ensures that Wednesday nights in Canggu provide something for everyone, from eclectic beats to electronic vibes and classic beachside charm.

Where to Party in Canggu: Thursday

Pretty Poison, Miss Fish

On Thursdays, the party scene in Canggu remains vibrant with two distinct venues catering to diverse tastes.

Pretty Poison Although not technically in Canggu, Pretty Poison manages to draw a substantial crowd predominantly composed of Canggu locals. The venue stands out with its unique offerings, featuring a skatepark and open skating bowl for enthusiasts to showcase their skills. Local rock bands set the tone during the earlier hours, followed by a dynamic hip-hop and rap DJ lineup for the later part of the night. Pretty Poison provides an alternative and energetic atmosphere, making it a popular choice for Thursday night revelry.

pretty poison on thursday, for where to party in Canggu

Miss Fish – Throwback Thursday Simultaneously, MissFish captivates partygoers on Thursdays with its event, Throwback Thursdays. This gathering exudes a more refined and relaxed party vibe, accentuated by the nostalgic tunes of hip-hop and R&B classics. The venue offers table service and post-dinner entertainment, creating an elegant setting for those seeking a sophisticated yet enjoyable experience as the weekend approaches.

miff fish throwback thursday , for where to party in Canggu

Where to Party in Canggu: Friday

Black Sands, Morabito, MESA – Wahala

Fridays remain the pinnacle of activity in Canggu, with the island’s majority kickstarting their evening at Black Sands—a hub for socialising and unwinding with friends. The atmosphere at Black Sands is characterised by a unique blend of disco and alternative music, setting the stage for a lively and sociable start to the weekend.

Post-Black Sands, two prominent venues stand out for those seeking a more electronic and tech-house musical experience—Morabito and Afrobeat and Amapiano heavyweight Event at MESA Bali – Wahala.

Morabito Morabito, situated at the beach club overlooking the sea, offers a breathtaking backdrop for a night of electronic beats and tech-house tunes. The venue provides a sophisticated ambiance, making it an ideal choice for those looking to dance by the ocean under the stars.

morabito friday , for where to party in Canggu

MESA – Wahala On the other hand, MESA beckons partygoers with its trademark Wahala Event, fast becoming one of Canggu’s favourite weekly gatherings. This event, featuring table service and a mix of Afrobeats and Amapanio, consistently draws large crowds. MESA’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse musical offerings make it a must-visit spot on Friday nights, ensuring a dynamic start to the weekend.

Mesa bar , for where to party in Canggu

Where to Party in Canggu: Saturday

MESA – SAY LESS, La Brisa – Basement Love

Saturdays ramp up the nightlife excitement in Canggu, with a full day of festivities starting with the Afro Splash pool party at Valle during the daytime. As the evening approaches, two standout events take center stage:

MESA – SAY LESS MESA’s SAY LESS event has become a weekly staple, luring crowds with its UK-flavoured mix of rap, R&B, Afro, and dancehall sounds. The eclectic blend creates a carnival-like atmosphere, adding a distinctive rhythm to the nightlife scene in Bali. SAY LESS at MESA guarantees a lively and dynamic Saturday night experience.

SAY LESS Party in Mesa Bali, for where to party in Canggu

La Brisa – Basement Love Occasionally gracing Saturdays, La Brisa‘s monthly event, Basement Love, stands out as one of the island’s most popular gatherings. This event caters predominantly to the house and techno crowd, offering a sophisticated and immersive experience. When Basement Love is in full swing, it becomes a focal point for those seeking an elevated and vibrant atmosphere on Saturday nights.

La Brisa Party, for where to party in Canggu

With Afro Splash setting the daytime tone and MESA and La Brisa taking the spotlight in the evening, Saturdays in Canggu cater to a diverse range of tastes, ensuring a memorable start to the weekend.

Where to Party in Canggu: Sunday

The Back Room – Afro Roots

Sundays in Canggu generally take on a quieter vibe, as individuals recover and opt for a more relaxed approach in preparation for the upcoming workweek, flights, and other engagements. However, for those still seeking a Sunday night destination, one standout contender has consistently dominated the Sunday nightlife scene—Mason’s Back Room with Afro Roots.

The Back Room – Afro Roots Mason’s Back Room transforms into a vibrant hub on Sundays, hosting Afro Roots—an Afrobeat and Amapiano event. The beautifully decorated underground speakeasy sets the stage for a unique and immersive experience. Afro Roots at The Back Room has become synonymous with Sunday night revelry, offering a distinctive blend of beats in a stylish and intimate setting.

The Back Room, Mason , for where to party in Canggu

While Sundays in Canggu are generally subdued, Afro Roots provides a noteworthy exception, drawing those looking to extend their weekend with a touch of Afro-inspired energy and a cozy underground ambiance.

Extra Information: Canggu Pre Drinks and Everyday Venues

Throughout the week, Batu Balong’s Mexicola, Old Mans, and Sandbar consistently host events, making them reliable options if you’re still exploring your nightlife options. However, it’s essential to note that these venues often feature commercial rap and pop music, providing a familiar and energetic atmosphere for partygoers. If you are looking for some more nightlife tips about What to do in Canggu, read our other Canggu Nightlife Guide alternatively if you are wondering about where you situate yourself to be most involved, or least, read our guide for Where to Stay in Canggu.

For those seeking enjoyable pre-drinks experiences, several spots are worth considering:

X Bar An excellent choice for a lively pre-drinks atmosphere, X Bar sets the stage for a fun and social gathering before venturing into the night.

Star Mart on Saturdays On Saturdays, Star Mart becomes a hotspot for pre-drinks, offering a vibrant setting to kick off your evening with friends.

Alternative Beach Pool Party & Monthly Valle Pool Party Afro Splash – Saturdays, are great day events for a Saturday to warm up and get some more relaxed food and drinks before the evening.

The Lawn on Fridays Fridays bring a lively pre-drinks experience at The Lawn, providing a relaxed yet spirited ambiance to start your weekend festivities.

Little Havana Friday’s For a touch of Cuban-inspired flair, Little Havana offers a unique pre-drinks setting, infusing your night with a lively and exotic atmosphere.

These pre-drinks locations contribute to the diverse and dynamic nightlife scene in Canggu, ensuring there’s a perfect spot for every taste and preference.

In the rhythm of Canggu’s nightlife, each day brings forth a unique symphony of sounds and atmospheres, weaving a tapestry that resonates with the diverse desires of its revelers. From the iconic Metto Mondays at Luigi’s to the electrifying beats of MESA’s SAY LESS on Saturdays, the week unfolds with a rich blend of genres and experiences.

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What is the most popular street in Canggu?

Jl. Pantai Batu Balong and Jl. Pantai Berawa are the most popular streets in Canggu.

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