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What to do in Seminyak: Interesting Daytime Activity Ideas!

Looking for a place to explore in Bali’s Seminyak? In our What to do in Seminyak article, you can find many pointers for great daytime activities. Enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the beach, savor delicious cuisine at local cafes and restaurants, shop for authentic merchandise from local artisans, and test your bargaining skills at the traditional market. Here are some recommended places to visit in Seminyak. You might also want to check out our article on How To Travel from Seminyak to Uluwatu.

john hardy for what to do in seminyak

What to do in Seminyakk: Places You Need to Go!

John Hardy Boutique & Gallery at Seminyak – What to do in Seminyak

John Hardy is a luxurious jewellery boutique that has been crafting stunning pieces since 1975. Their collections are known for their elegant, handmade designs made with high-quality materials. Visiting this place will give you a chance to experience Bali’s art in the form of paintings, crafts, and jewellery.

John Hardy also offers a unique culinary experience. On the second floor of the gallery, you can enjoy a meal with the concept of “Makan Bareng,” where you can savor traditional Balinese cuisine while immersing yourself in Seminyak culture. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone who appreciates beautiful jewellery and wants to experience the best of Balinese art and culture.

john hardy for what to do in seminyak

John Hardy Boutique & Gallery are open from 11am to 7 pm.

Address Jl. Petitenget, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361. 

For more information about John Hardy Boutique & Gallery you can visit their website here

Este Leisure Bali – What to do in Seminyak

Este Leisure is a vibrant and trendy hangout spot, famous for its pink decor and Moroccan-inspired architecture. It’s a unique combination of a restaurant, boutique, and furniture shop all in one. Este Leisure is designed with the theme of “women’s leisure and lifestyle” in mind, making it an ideal destination for female tourists seeking a place to relax and unwind.

Their signature, the Afternoon Tea menu, is a must-try, and the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends or family. The atmosphere of Este Leisure is cozy and inviting, with plenty of comfortable seating areas and beautiful decor. Whether you’re looking to shop for unique souvenirs, enjoy a delicious meal, or simply relax and soak up the atmosphere, Este Leisure is definitely worth checking out while you’re in Seminyak.

You can check their instagram to find out more. Here is the instagram Este Leisure. They also have their own website, here.

The opening hours of Este Leisure is from 8 am to 9 pm. 

este leisure for what to do in seminyak

Pison – What to do in Seminyak

If you’re a coffee lover or even looking for a nice place for a lunch, a visit to Pison Coffee in Bali should definitely be on your list of must-see places in Seminyak. This charming cafe is a hidden gem that offers a unique cafe experience. With great food, live music events and located in the buzzing petitenget hub.

Have a look for music events on their instagram page:

Pison coffee for what to do in seminyak

Potato Head

Potato Head is undoubtedly one of Seminyak’s most famous beach clubs and hotels, boasting a unique and captivating design. The property features a wide array of incredible artistic museums and sculptures, many of which are crafted from recycled plastics and other throwaway items, showcasing a clear emphasis on the environment and eco-friendliness. With vast grounds and numerous restaurants and bars located within the beach club, Potato Head offers an incredible experience that is hard to match. Additionally, its pool stretches the entire length of the property, providing guests with a refreshing escape.

Being located along the beach, guests can enjoy a quiet stroll or stay within the venue to experience some of the best live DJ performances in the area. Besides its status as a beach club, Potato Head offers plenty of activities and events, which can be found on their website. The property is also home to numerous museums and galleries showcasing fine art pieces. Finally, the venue occasionally hosts some of the best DJs from around the world for an unforgettable nightlife experience.

Potato Head is definitely worth checking out while you are in the area.

potato head for what to do in seminyak

Nakula Food Court

Nestled between Legian and Sunset Road in the Nakula area of Seminyak, lies a hidden gem of a food court that is popular among the locals. Although it may not look like much, this food court offers some of the best food in the region, featuring a wide range of cuisines, all at a great price. Despite having limited reviews, the food court is well-frequented by locals and expats alike.

If you’re looking for a quick lunch, this place comes highly recommended. The food court has a seating area where you can comfortably try different dishes from the different types of cuisine on offer. While most of the stores in the Nakula food court offer delivery services through Grab or Gojek, we strongly recommend dining in for the full experience and reduced prices.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some of the best food in the area at this quiet local food court in Seminyak.


Located in the heart of Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Ultimo is an Italian restaurant that exudes a high-end ambiance. The food here is nothing short of exceptional, with a wide variety of dishes available, including top-quality steak and lobster. The stunning building itself features a bar with a unique design overlooking one of the main roads in Seminyak.

If you’re looking for a complete dining experience or just want to stop by for a cocktail, Ultimo is a top quality place we recommend checking out.

ultimo for what to do in seminyak

Sphere – What to do in Seminyak

Sphere is a hidden gem in Seminyak that is often overlooked by many, but it shouldn’t be missed. This cocktail bar offers some of the finest cocktails on the entire island, and we can’t get enough of them.

The bartenders here are experts in their craft and blend each cocktail to perfection, making it hard to match the quality of craftsmanship anywhere else in the world. While the prices are slightly higher than average cocktail bars in Seminyak, we assure you that they are worth every penny.

If you’re looking to taste some amazing cocktails before a night out, Sphere is definitely the place to be.


location of sphere for what to do in seminyak

Shooters Bar

Shooters Bar is a unique venue located in one of Seminyak’s bustling hubs and is conveniently situated amongst many of our recommended spots.

This venue is perfect for a fun afternoon or evening out, a romantic date, or a pre-dinner activity. Shooters Bar offers a variety of entertaining activities to choose from, including axe throwing, mini golf, shooting, and table tennis. The focus here is on having a good time with friends and family, and for that reason, we highly recommend checking it out.

Petitenget Beach – What to do in Seminyak

Taking an afternoon stroll along Petitenget Beach is the perfect way to unwind. This beautiful beach boasts the gold sand and numerous beachfront cafe options, making it a great spot for a walk.

Along the beachfront, you’ll find many venues hosting live music during sunset. During the day, you’ll often see the dogs of Seminyak playing and running along the waves. While the waves may be a bit too strong for swimming, intermediate surfers can enjoy catching the sunset breaks. For those who prefer to relax and take in the scenery, there are plenty of beach cafes where you can enjoy a drink while watching the waves.

These are the recommended places if you wonder where to go out in Seminyak. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Also check out our other article where to shop in Seminyak.

seminyak beach petitenget for what to do in seminyak

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to Shop for Food in Seminyak?

We highly recommend Bintang Supermarket in Legian, for the best prices and largest variety.

Is Seminyak Nice in Bali?

It’s a great place with a reputation for fine dining, great shopping, great spas, beautiful beaches, stunning ocean views from many hotels and bars.

What Time Zone is Bali in?

Bali is in WITA, Central Time Zone of Indonesia (UTC+08:00) WITA or Waktu Indonesia Tengah is 8 hours ahead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Bali has only one time zone.

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